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File:TS&R IMAGE 1.jpgFile:TS&R IMAGE 2.jpgFile:TS&R IMAGE 3.jpg
File:TS&R IMAGE 4.jpgFile:TS&R IMAGE 5.jpgFile:TS&R IMAGE 6.jpg
File:TS&R IMAGE 7.jpgFile:TS&R IMAGE 8.jpgFile:TS&R IMAGE 9.jpg
File:Tonka-joe.jpgFile:Tonka-space-station.jpgFile:Tonka Construction (Part 1)
File:Tonka Construction (Part 2)File:Tonka Construction (Part 3)File:Tonka Construction (Part 4)
File:Tonka Construction (Part 5)File:Tonka Logo.pngFile:Tonka Steam-Roller.jpg
File:Tonka Tales - Bulldozer.pngFile:Tonka Tales - Mighty Crane.pngFile:Tonka Tales - Mighty Loader.png
File:Tonka Tales - Mighty Magnet.pngFile:Tonka Tales - Mighty Shear.pngFile:Tonka Toy.jpg
File:Tonka frontloader.jpgFile:Tonka hole.jpgFile:Tonka monster-trucks.jpg
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